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QP Pump

Circumferential Piston Pump

A high-efficiency full stainless steel Positive Displacement pump for high pressure applications. The QP Series circumferential

piston pumps are designed for interchangeability with other major brands and built for versatility.

› 3A/ EHEDG Certified

› 100% interchangeable with other major brands

› Alloy 88 non-galling rotors for tight tolerances

› 17-4ph shafts for increased mechanical strength

› Helical drive gears for higher torque, extended service life and lower noise

› Stainless Steel gear-case, for corrosion resistance and hygiene

› Multiple seal options

› Multiple port connection options

› Rectangular inlet option

› 4-way mounting positions

› Ideal for high pressures with low and high viscosity products


Circumferential Piston Pump
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