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"I highly recommend the QTS pump due to its speed of transfer without damaging the yogurt – this is the single biggest benefit. 
Secondly, there is no downtime with burnt stators and no product wasted as a result. 
It’s ability for CIP and effectively clean is by far streets ahead of the helical rotor pump”.

David – Production Coordinator

Challenge / Issue

Advance Pumps received an enquiry to replace a 3” (80mm)  Helical Rotor Pump, also known as a Progressive Cavity or Helical Rotor Pump.  The pump transfers yogurt from culture tanks to downstream fruit & flavour blending process through to a filling line. 

The current pump stators are damaged with short periods of dry running.  Consumption of wear parts including rotors, stators, coupling universal joint parts and mechanical seals is ongoing. 

Flow rates and efficiency progressively deteriorate as the pump stators wear.  The client has needed to dispose of large batches of yogurt tainted by burnt rubber from pump dry-run events at substantial cost to the business. Cleaning required the introduction of a separate centrifugal pump to achieve adequate cleaning velocities. Important to note that the client had plans for relocation to larger facilities to cope with increased demand.

Solution and Results

Advance Pumps delivered a QTS 200 series Twin Screw pump set with on-board speed & direction control and run-dry capability. 

This pump achieves much higher flow rates with less shear and serves as both the product and CIP pump.

The QTS has no ‘wear-parts’ so constant flow rates will be achieved for the life of the pump, spares are eliminated and so is risk of product damage due to a dry-run event.  As a result, production capacity has increased to the point where the client is able to defer their expansion plans.  The most challenging transfer in the process was reduced from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes.

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