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"During a recent Capital plant upgrade to reduce water and power usage and servicing requirements, engineering was faced with a challenge to pump diced potato across a substantial distance.   The Industrial team were contacted. An on-site trial with a Q-Pump was soon proposed.
After a successful trial the pump was installed and immediately far surpassed our expectations. Not
only did our water and power usage dramatically reduce but there was no damage to our product at all. The Q-Pump requires no servicing apart from schedule oil changes. We now have five Q-Pumps installed
across the site pumping products ranging from potato cubes to sauces, are have more proposed installs in planning. APS and it's ongoing support and recommendations has been invaluable.”

Nigel – Engineering & Maintenance

Challenge / Issue

Advance Pumps received an enquiry for Cornell Centrifugal Food Process Pumps to transfer 11mm diced potato and 20-60mm long potato slithers. The traditional ‘industry standard requires a potato-water ratio of 17:1.

For example; 6m3/hr of potato require 102m3/hr of water to effectively transport the potato without damage, that’s a combined duty of 108m3/hr.

This solution required a pipe work size of 150mm (6”) diameter and a motor power of at least 7.5Kw for the proposed system. A quick delivery time was also required to keep the project on track. Gentle handing was essential as cutting or damaging the potato pieces result in starch release affecting process and quality.

Solution and Results

Advance Pumps proposed an alternative QTS Twin Screw pump as a solution capable of delivering the same potato volume with a lot less ‘carry-water’ and with no damage to the potato. A trial 

pump set was immediately delivered - the results proved that the QTS successfully transferred the potato dice with only a 1:1 potato- water ratio.

This enabled the client to install much smaller infrastructure across the process including 76mm (3”) pipe work & valves, 4kw pump motor drive, smaller collection hoppers, smaller ‘carry- water’ return pumps and motor Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s). QTS is delivering non-stop performance, the client has enjoyed a hassle-free experience since installation in November 2018.

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