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"A great little is an absolute winner for us.
Easy to use, gentle with product and cleans well Its ability to suck the left over butter from the 1,000L
bags has paid for itself multiple times over".

Peter - Maintenance Supervisor

Challenge / Issue

A manufacturer and exporter of hamburger meats and ready meals was importing the sautéed onion product from China – this was no longer viable with the outbreak of COVID-19 in China.  Urgent delivery of a suitable pump was required to bring this process in-house, without delaying production.

The pump needed good suction in order to pull the product from the tank, it had to be very gentle to maintain shape and size of the soft pieces of cooked onion and it needed to effectively clean itself (CIP) without needing to be stripped down.

Controlling the flow between 0.5-1.5m3/hr was essential to ensure optimum cooling through a heat exchanger with a single pass.

Solution and Results

Advance Pumps delivered a QTS 100 Twin Screw pump set having a 2.2kw motor with on-board variable speed drive (VSD) and external forced motor cooling fan.  This achieves a very wide speed range (5hz- 100hz or 145rpm-2900rpm) for reliable control of lower product flows as well as high speed for effective Clean In Place (CIP).

The client also uses his pump to ‘suck’ the remaining 50L of butter from bulk aseptic bags that otherwise is wasted – this alone created a ROI of only 2.5months!

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