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"Since changing out our lobe style pumps to the QTS twin screw pump, we have seen huge increases in uptime and consistency of product delivery. The issue with the lobe style pumps is that the lobes wear quickly with sugary confectionery and the mechanical seals were failing regularly.
We needed a pump that could handle the harsh product and deliver consistent reliable product flow to our process. The QTS pump has saved us NZD $35000p.a in maintenance and downtime.
I would recommend these pumps to anyone who is facing the same issue with their current pump. By far the best performing pump we’ve had and a wise investment."

Steve – Maintenance Manager.

Challenge / Issue

The existing 16bar rated lobe pumps required frequent lobe and seal replacement due to the abrasive nature of the sugary confectionery and the pressure required to feed the extruder. The cost of ongoing repairs was excessive, let alone downtime cost that is significantly higher than the repairs! The pump service life was around 4 weeks between failure.

Solution and Results

Advance Pumps delivered 3 x QTS100 pump sets with drivers specifically to meet the duty required.  The pumps are fitted with double mechanical seals with a warm water flush which prevents the product ‘crystallising’ on the seal faces. These pumps have been in operation for 15 months with just one seal change as planned preventative maintenance.

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