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"Definitely recommend these pumps. 
We previously were running Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps with constant breakdowns and costs for parts and repair. 
Once we got one of these pumps, as a department we didn’t have to worry about performance and reliability of providing fruit over to our machine, it didn’t skip a beat.
It runs very quiet and provides a great flow rate over a 25-30 meter run to our fruit pie machine”.

Jamie – Reliability Supervisor

Challenge / Issue

Pump  must  not  damage  the  diced  apple  and  needs  to  maintain  a consistent apple-syrup mix ratio.

Pump is required to ‘suck’ the product from the mix vessel through a 2m long suction line including valves and flexible hose connection to the pump.

An existing Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump with flap type valves (for solids handling) was struggling to handle the thicker ‘Apple & Rhubarb’ pie fillings.  The air pump was inefficient, consuming around 60-80scfm of compressed air which equates to about 13-17kW in terms of power required to produce that amount of air. The nature of flow from the air Diaphragm Pump is pulsating and the pump is noisy. The diaphragm pump requires a full break-down for effective cleaning.

Solution and Results

Advance Pumps made a site assessment and establish the pump duty requirements, based on the pie-line demand and the existing pipework, valves, instrumentation etc.

Advance Pumps delivered a QTS 200, 5.5kw variable speed trial pump set, having a forced motor cooling fan for a speed range capability of 150rpm-3000rpm- this enabled both product transfer and CIP cleaning flows using the same pump set.

Upon initial start-up the pump primed itself instantly and maintained line demand effortlessly at 10% speed. CIP was fast and effective, and the pump operation was not audible during production.

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